Meet mother and grandmother, Rainey Dock Matthews, was born and raised in Southern California. As the family grew, she became the eldest of 12 children – 8 boys and 4 girls. After the birth of the youngest child, her mother would consistently be asked if life was cheaper by the dozen. Her never-changing response was, “Only eggs”. When quizzed, “Why do you not have “a” dishwasher”, she replied without hesitation, “Why get one when I have twelve?” Her brothers gave her the ultimatum to either learn the game of football or become the football. Miss Rainey even taught her son the game of football. Her daddy embraced the non-discriminatory equal opportunity to model and teach a “get’er done” good work ethic to both his boys and girls, whether automobile mechanics, household chores, handyperson detail, cooking or looking after one another. Once her daddy took her to a refuse site (dump). He instructed her to find something that had been thrown out as broken. Whatever her find, he commanded her to get it and figure out how to fix it. So, it was a radio without a casing that found its way home with them. Upon plugging the radio in, no sound whatsoever came out, not even static noise. Miss Rainey knew she had only one option — FIX IT! With painstaking determination to figure it out, she diligently sought ways to mend it. She learned about transistors, grounding, negative and positive wiring and fuses in a time when the internet and YouTube were nonexistent. Back in the day of wire coat hangers, it turned out that nifty gadget tuned in a loud and clear reception.

Now prior to that at the very young age of 4 1⁄2, her daddy placed her on a chair in front of the gas stove. Piping hot grease in a cast iron skillet awaited the drop of coated seasoned chicken pieces. That session in cooking coupled with the many other early age life lessons, all set the stage for a childhood snatched away. Her home environment had a disharmonious tone as it was sorely impacted by alcohol. It induced an ever-increasing skillset to Miss Rainey of survival, advocacy, protector, creativity, organization, management, scheduling, time management, critical thinking, patience, finding the best in every person, event planning, team player, leadership, rising above adverse circumstances, standing up to bullying and thriving in life. A true grit determination to find a way when there seems to be no way was born to encourage others to stand, and above all stand against the surge of calamity.

Upon her personal encounter with the Lord as her Savior at age 19, Miss Rainey experienced a release from imposed bondages and a joy that she had never known. A real zeal for life burst forth! Love from the Heavenly Father revolutionized her life. It converted the dozens of misconceived conceptions of “trust and obey” from fear of repercussions if not accomplished properly to a regenerated understanding of obedience as an assurance emerged in the reliance unconditional love of God.

Although childhood was short-lived for Miss Rainey, she unabashedly embraces childlike faith in taking God at His Word in following the steps He lays before her. Under the circumstance is not a place you will find Miss Rainey, as is evidenced in the resounding “giving you hope” way of life to live “above only” no matter how intense the situational adversity.

Through a miraculously healed devastating brain tumor in her 20’s, years served as Southern California Teen Challenge staff where her faith grew exponentially, years traveling around the country with Festival of Praise and the Spurrlows teaching congregations how to praise, Miss Rainey learned the power in praise and prayer. The marriage to a contemporary Christian music evangelist and serving a church staffs, Miss Rainey trusted the Lord to guide her to building that ministry from the ground up. That union took the grown up little girl whose childhood never dreamed of a life in Hawaii, travels to the Olympics, interfacing locally, nationally and internationally with renowned athletes, secular and Christian music greats, Bible teachers, pastors, evangelists while also exercising her gift in teaching globally to the young, men and women of all ages in civic, secular and religious settings.

In miraculously overcoming 20 plus years of the fear of heights, which was actually a fear of death, Miss Rainey became an award-winning almost 16 year flight attendant American Airlines. This became her mission field until a sudden trauma to her neurological system grounded and rendered her severely debilitated with a medical bedridden, housebound and wheelchair triple life sentence. She is thankful for the pardon issued by her Lord forever grateful to her then 19 and 20 year old adult children, who did not miss a beat in stepping up to become her caregivers. This as she was simultaneously walking through a heartbreaking time in her marriage. The onset of a rare medical condition called “Foreign Accent Syndrome”, changed her native Southern California dialect and opened new doors to captivate her hearers through her testimony.

Living an “above-only” life, not bowing to the mounting adversities, the sudden unexpected launch into the world of persons living with disabilities. It threw her onto a whole new advocacy journey as Chair of the Fort Worth Mayor’s Community on Persons With Disabilities. Miss Rainey can be found in serving in several volunteer endeavors with her church and throughout the community as she sits on Boards to give voice to Senior Citizens and differently-abled individuals. Her passion for both groups now finds her serving on the team of The Walk Church USA, giving hope to Senior citizens whose lives have taken a turn of displacement from their homes, some with memory loss and/or other ailments which have beset them. The childhood that she deemed lost has been found in a beautiful place where she now captures and delights in the hidden memories in the innocence of childhood treasures. She is a witness to the fact that Seniors indeed do not retire from walking with God.
Ms. Rainey Dock Matthews
The Walk Church USA
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